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The making of a fantasy world map

In the late summer of 2010 me and Simon realized that we needed a great looking world map for the game (Heavy Hogur). We decided that the map was not just meant to be a background - all of the progress was connected to this map.

Cocos2D Benchmark

Have been looking for a HTML5 game engine for a couple of days. Had almost decided on using Impact but realized that it didn't use a scene graph. I really needed that kind of feature so decided to keep looking.

Ended up trying Cocos2D Javascript and it seems like a really well designed professional engine. I'm not sure how it compares to other engines performance wise but the benchmark below seems OK. I get ~34 fps when having 200 sprites on my laptop. Source code is attached (see bottom of page). Benchmark is running a slightly modified Cocos2D version 0.2 beta 3.

MazeLab concept art

Simon has been busy sketching some concept art for the "MazeLab" project. He turned my "online gauntlet" description into something more sci-fi inspired but I don't mind as long as it looks great =)
Here are a couple of images.

Possibly a title screen:

Some mean crabs:

Pixel hero:

New project: MazeLab

I have started prototyping a new project, working name: MazeLab

The aim is to create an online Gauntlet game where you can team up with your friends and fight your way through dungeons. I will probably upload code here as we go so it will be sort of like a tutorial where I add new functionality in small steps. Great to follow if you're into flixel and smartfoxserver game development!

I was thinking of following this roadmap:

Download Nutmeg multiplayer code

I have uploaded both the server and client side code for the Multiplayer Nutmeg game mentioned in a previous post. Here is a short description on the steps to have your own copy up and running. Be warned that I have never written Actionscript code before and Java was a looong time ago so this is probably not the prettiest code you've seen.


Stress test Nutmeg multiplayer

Didn't know @photonstorm would pick up on the previous story but he managed to get quite a few simultaneous player in Multi Nutmeg (and fast). Max number of concurrent players were 8.

Here are a couple of pics! (click to enlarge)

Update: @photonstorm wrote on his blog about the "chicken party" :)

Multiplayer Nutmeg Lab

I recently decided to give Flash game development a try. Despite mostly limited to 2D and no luck on iOS devices it still have a massive reach compared to downloadable games. Found out soon that Flixel is a great retro looking library on top of Actionscript that will make creating flash games a breeze, sort of.

Site reconstruction

Site reconstruction was successful. We also moved to a dedicated server in order to get better performance and more control over settings etc. Hope you like the new look!


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