Blog will replace news

2007-12-15 at 17:00 by Borundin

I wont update this news section any more. Head on over to my Spelagon blog instead for Mulver news.

Demo released!

2007-10-15 at 19:56 by Borundin

At last its here, a playable demo of Mulver. Head on over to the download page to get it.

Splash screen and main menu

2007-10-06 at 21:18 by Borundin

Managed to put together a splashscreen a few days ago. Really need to hire a good artist soon. Well it will have to do for now. You can see it here

Im also trying to get a decent main menu going. The idea for the level menu turned out OK I think but now I have run out of ideas it seems. At least I have a working version ready. Cant believe it takes so much time to polish these kind of game components.

Level menu

2007-09-23 at 22:34 by Borundin

I had some problems coming up with a good solution for how to choose level in the game. These types of screens are usually made up by a basic 2D gui. In the end I decided to make it easy for myself and made it just like another level. It turns out I would have to put a lot of more work doing it in 2D than in 3D! Hope it will still be as easy to navigate as a regular gui.

There is a new screenshot showing what the level menu will look like. Still a draft though...

Bad news... and some good

2007-09-03 at 21:00 by Borundin

In mid august my old development laptop just sort of gave up... It crashed while surfing and then I never managed to boot up Windows again. Strange graphic artefacts and then just a black screen. Strangely (and luckily) enough I was still able to boot knoppix Linux from a CD. Not the graphical version just the text mode. However that was enough to mount the harddrive and recover some important files for Mulver (you know things like the COMPLETE source code, Blender levels, etc). The PC is taken care of by Fujitsu Siemens support now so perhaps I will get it back in a few days. Anyway, decided to buy a new laptop and now at last I have Mulver compiling and working on my new PC!

Hopefully this wont mean rescheduling the Demo version to something later than the current release date of 2007-10-15 but cant promise anything.

Player guide draft

2007-07-28 at 17:44 by Borundin

I have been thinking about creating a player guide to help new players. The content will include a "bestiary" or index over all game objects that Mulver can interact with. Also a game walkthrough showing all hidden bonus levels, maps etc.

Here is the first draft as PDF (66kb): Level7.pdf

New screenshot from "Secret" level

2007-07-17 at 20:03 by Borundin

There is a new screenshot showing a bit of a new level Im currently working with. This will be more of a puzzle adventure instead of jump n run action. See it here

New Mulver vide on YouTube

2007-07-07 at 17:14 by Borundin

There is a new video available showing the "Cubes", "Lanes" and "Beetle" levels. Watch it here

New Lanes screenshots

2007-07-04 at 00:04 by Borundin

Prepared two new screenshots showing the "Lanes" level as well as the first powerup, extralives.

Site launch

2007-07-03 at 00:28 by Borundin

Finally came around to uploading this site. Hopefully some information will be of interest if you like 3D platform games for the PC. I will try to upload a few screenshots and videos now and then showing the progress.

Right now Im mostly creating new levels and not touching much of the Core C++ code. This hasnt stopped feature creep unfortunately since I now add new game objects in the level editor instead =)